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Cheam Auto Services - About Us

Cheam Autos - About Us

We are a local community service that looks after all of your motoring needs within a friendly and local environment

We were Based in the Sutton & cheam area but now have moved to CARSHALTON SURREY , for well over 15 years, with more than 25 years trade experience - we can help you with all areas of motor servicing regardless of how large / small



Why wait a week for an appointment? We can get your vehicle tested right away or leave it with us for a while and collect it later while you go about your day. If your car fails the MOT test, we will give you a free no obligation and accurate quote for repairs to get you back on the road safely in as little time as possible.

It is important that your vehicle is serviced regularly. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but failing to service your car at the manufacturer's recommended intervals could lead to excessive wear, breakdowns and expensive repairs. At Cheam Auto Services, our experience staff will undertake the required servicing needed for your vehicle to the highest standard.

Repairs - Diagnostics & ECU Remapping

We specialise in computer aided diagnostics among the many excellent auto services we offer. Repairing any problem to your vehicle at Cheam Auto Services is done quickly and efficiently by experts.

Repairs can be expensive and frustrating, and if not done properly, they can be dangerous. It's best to use an honest professional with an in-depth knowledge of vehicle mechanics, servicing and modern computerised vehicle systems. Fortunately, you will find them at Cheam Auto Services, you can trust on us to deliver an honest service to the highest standards at a low and affordable price. Furthermore, we guarantee all our work, because we are confident we can deliver quality workmanship all the time.

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